Welcome to my blog, this is where I post random images, thoughts and musings on photography.  This is kind of a diary and not all photos will be the end product. Its basically a dump for all my ideas and mental chatter. All opinions are my own and should usually be taken with a pinch of salt. 

Wedding boudoir

As part of my wedding photography package I have introduced a wedding boudoir option.  I decided to try and get some examples for my portfolio and although I would like everything to be natural and on assignment, sometimes you need to cheat a little bit.  So we found a model that would be willing to fulfil our requirements.  We have worked with Jo once before and luckily enough she was free and also had a wedding dress, which we could use for the shoot.  I wanted to shoot this as though it was a wedding shoot so I had Jo pretend to get ready in her bridal underwear, before putting on the dress.  It was mostly shot with available light, with some fill thrown in, using lights which would be similar to what I would use at a wedding. I am pleased with the results and it was obviously easier with somebody who is comfortable in front of the camera with very little clothing on.