Welcome to my blog, this is where I post random images, thoughts and musings on photography.  This is kind of a diary and not all photos will be the end product. Its basically a dump for all my ideas and mental chatter. All opinions are my own and should usually be taken with a pinch of salt. 

Maroc Part 1

Personal Projects are important for photographers (and all artists for that matter). They give us a release from our commercial work and also offer us a form of escapism and something to aim for. Maroc is a long term project of mine, which I have started to build. In its current form it is a sprawling collection of images taken in this fine country during my travels, but I have already identified several sub projects that I will try to complete over the coming years. I have felt a great connection with this country and with the people that live there. I have only began to get beneath the surface and I am striving to get through the barrier put on for the tourists and capture the real country. My original photographic influences stem from the works of photojournalists, and in fact my interest in photography began when I discovered the work of Sebastiao Selgado, especially his Workers and Migrations collections. Another photographer who's work has had a huge impact on me is Ed Kashi who worked on a book called "Curse Of the Black Gold" which is a fantastic and eye opening exploration into oil production in the Niger delta.

Any way on with some images. As always I welcome any comments on the images or blog posts.