Welcome to my blog, this is where I post random images, thoughts and musings on photography.  This is kind of a diary and not all photos will be the end product. Its basically a dump for all my ideas and mental chatter. All opinions are my own and should usually be taken with a pinch of salt. 

Back to the Future

Ok maybe not as exciting as the title suggests, but I did have a pretty interesting afternoon with the Cleadon Village Drama Club. I was invited over to an event they were holding to raise money for the club and to support renovations to the theatre. The event was a fashion show of 1940's clothing, including dresses and military outfits. This was followed by performances from the Drama Club. It looked like everyone had fun and they raised a resonable amount from the day.

I was also able to try out my new Billingham and a lens which has not seen much action for a while, my 35mm.

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