Welcome to my blog, this is where I post random images, thoughts and musings on photography.  This is kind of a diary and not all photos will be the end product. Its basically a dump for all my ideas and mental chatter. All opinions are my own and should usually be taken with a pinch of salt. 

Mimi Mollica

I came across the work of Mimi Mollica whilst flicking through some books the other day.  There were a couple of images from his Terra Nostra project.  The project is an intimate look at his homeland of Sicily, specifically the myths surrounding the Mafia. He has a variety of work and his reportage work is really interesting.  His style differs from project to project and I think this makes viewing his extra interesting.


One particular project I am not too sure about is his work documenting London busses through the cctv screens.  Different idea, but not sure I like it too much.  Have a look yourselves and let me know your thoughts, view the work Bus Stories.